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Hey there! I am Justine Milton and I am a fine art film photographer. I love sitcoms, sour candies and shoes! I love that my work allows me to meet new people and capture life long memories. My super cute fiancee, Alan Carey, is my second shooter, film loader, and assistant. Together we travel all over the world capturing weddings. Between the two of us we’ve been to 32 countries, can get by in 4 languages, and own 43 pairs of shoes (okay, that one’s mostly me).

My style is a mix of fine art and photojournalism. I capture naturally beautiful moments as they happen. I don’t force things, and the results are photographs as unique and beautiful as you are. 

Justine Milton, B.Des is a professional photographer with many years of experience in the wedding industry. From her roots in photojournalism, Justine has developed her own unique style of fine art photography. She has attended workshops taught by some of the most renowned names in photography, most recently the Erich McVey workshop (California) and the Jose Villa workshop (Mexico). Justine has been recognized for her abilities in countless magazines & online publications and was recently named to the CPC Top 30 Under 30 & one of Canada's 30 most inspiring photographers by Wedding Bells Magazine.

At 5 years old, Justine moved to Saudi Arabia, then on to Dubai a few years later. Upon her return to Canada, Justine channeled her creative ability into a Bachelor of Design degree at the University of Alberta, where she first trained in film photography.

Justine prides herself on her unique style of photography and her ability to predict when a beautiful moment is about to happen. 

Alan Carey is an engineering graduate with a passion for photography. He learned film photography & developing in high school and bought his first DSLR camera at 15, eventually moving into wedding photography. He found Justine before developing too many bad habits and has been her assistant/second shooter ever since. Alan’s photographic style has evolved along with Justine’s, making him the perfect complement to her.

Alan’s roots are in the Bahamas & southwestern Ontario, both of which he visits frequently.



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