A few tips to make sure your ceremony runs as smoothly as possible:

Ask that guests not take photos, or at least stay seated and not use flash. Insist that immediate family leave their cameras and phones and ipads off or tucked away. You can always share the professional images with them & this way they can enjoy your big day and be present with you!

Make sure you walk slowly down the aisle, and make sure you inform your bridal party to do the same.

Hold your bouquet at bellybutton height, that way we can see your face & the top of your dress.

Don’t tuck tissues or hankys in your bra, fold them and hold your bouquet with it.

When you do your rehearsal, make sure you know what the center of the arch/alter is and make sure you know your mark so you stand centered!

Have markers for your bridal party as well, make sure that the best man and maid of honor are standing the same distance from the bride and groom, often one ends up much closer than the other.

When saying your vows, make sure you look at each other not the officiant/priest.

Hold your first kiss for longer then a millisecond! Embrace this moment.

When you walk back down the aisle as husband and wife, walk slowly, don’t run!