Engagement sessions are a great way to “warm up” to having your photos taken. A lot of couples have never had professional photos done before and don’t know what to expect. This way you can see that it's not near as daunting as you might think; it's actually pretty fun. It also gives you a chance to see how you look in the images, just one more way to ensure your wedding photos are exactly what you envision.

If you have already booked your engagement session and are not sure about where to do photos, what to wear or anything else, not to worry! We are here to help you with all of that!

Locations: we are happy to choose locations for you, or if you have places that are significant to you or suggestions please let us know! If you would like me to choose for you, just let me know what kind of setting you would like, for example urban and downtown, lots of trees, mountains, water, a field, etc.

What To Wear: Have your hair and make up professionally done.
For your outfits, formal and simple is always better. Avoid large logos, spandex, hoodies, and anything unflattering. Dresses are always nice for the ladies, and jeans and a dress shirt are great for guys. If it’s colder out, leggings or jeans and sweaters are great options too!
If you are unsure or would like a couple different looks, feel free to bring multiple outfits.
Try to choose complimentary colors & patterns. Softer or simple colors tend to look best, avoid neon colors, and colors that clash with the environment or locations we’ve chosen for your session. Also try to avoid both wearing the same solid colored top.

If you have something you would like in your images with you, like a pet or a banner with your wedding date, let us know! We are always happy to include meaningful items in your sessions.

If you would like to order a guest book with your engagement photos, or save the dates, we can design & order those for you. Please make sure you do them well enough in advance!