Please designate one person at your wedding that knows all of the immediate family on both sides. Make sure they have a printed copy of the family photo list so they can gather everyone. Please send us the list ahead of time via email.

When making your list, keep in mind that each combination takes 3 to 5 minutes.

Typically family photos are parents, grandparents, siblings and their families. If you have other close relatives you would like in family photos you can include them in your list, but make sure we have enough time to run through all of the combinations. Alternatively, you can grab us at any point throughout the reception to do photos with any group of people you would like! If we have lots of available time we can do as many or as large of combinations that you might like. When you make your list please use everybody’s name rather than relationship to you like seen below. For example: Nicole, Kevin, Bob & Susan, etc.

Incase you are not sure where to start, this is our typical list.

Bride + mom
Bride + dad
Bride + mom + dad
Bride + groom + mom + dad
Bride + groom + mom + dad + siblings
Bride + groom + mom + dad + siblings + spouces/families Bride + groom + mom + dad + grandparents
Bride + groom + grandparents
Bride + groom + brides parents + grooms parents
Then the same thing for the grooms side of the family.