It’s ideal for your getting ready space to have plenty of natural light & to be tidy, avoid clutter and keep a separate room for the actual photos that is clear of clutter.

Wear something cute for your getting ready photos – you will be photographed! its always nice when all the girls have matching outfits! There are lots of places you can get matching robes from, check the Vendor Guide for some suggestions!

If you will be exchanging gifts with your bridal party or your fiancee, or parents, please let us know ahead of time or when we arrive so we can plan to capture that!

For the wedding day please have the following ready when we arrive.

Guys- please be showered and ready to get dressed 30 minutes prior to our scheduled arrival time. Please have all of your details laid out and gathered, ready for us to photograph. Your details include, shoes, ties, cufflinks, cologne, socks, pocket squares, boutonnieres, vows, watches and any other details you might have for the day.

Girls- please have the following items laid out and gathered for us when we arrive.
Two copies of your wedding stationery (invitations etc), both wedding bands & your engagement ring, your personalized Mrs. Box, your other jewelry, perfume, dress, shoes, clutch, vows garter, flowers, ribbons, and any other personal details you will be wearing throughout the day.