Have a timeline and stick to it. Make sure your Mc knows the timeline and doesn’t start to improvise.

Just as you consider whats behind the headtable, consider where people are giving speaches and what that will look like!

Think about lighting when you are decorating your venue. If it is an outdoor venue, what do you have for lighting when it gets dark out? String some globe lights to provide lighting and keep it looking romantic. If you are having an indoor reception think about uplighting or lighting on the walls with custom monograms, it makes a huge difference in the atmosphere.

If you are wanting a romantic look and feel to your reception, candles, twinkle lights and globe lights are the easiest option that make the biggest difference! Floating candles in cylinder vases are almost always allowed at venues & look amazing!

When assigning speeches to people if you are worried about them sticking to an allotted amount of time, suggest they give a toast rather than a speech.

For your first dance, dance for the whole song. Avoid cutting it short to have others join in. Have a separate song where everyone can dance.