Life Set Sail in Times Square

Blogger: Brittany Messner of Life Set Sail | Dress: Adorn Boutique | Film Scans: Canadian Film Lab

A few words from Brittany Messner:
There are certain shoots I look back on and just have to laugh…this is one of them. That night in Times Square our light broke, we forgot the memory card for our digital camera and we only shot about ten photos on the film camera. If you take a lot of your own photos or work with someone who does it for you, you can imagine how stressful this was for us!
Times Square is bright (duh), and there is light coming from literally every direction, so we were a little uncertain of how these photos would turn out…the funny thing is that they ended up being my favourite from the whole trip! I love working in uncertainty, experimenting is seriously the most fun and interesting thing you can do with your art, right? Sometimes you just need to chill and let what happens happen.
Lighting aside, I am totally obsessed with this ASTR dress from Adorn! I thought the sequin design would be perfect for Times Square and (in true Brittany style) I loved the boyish contrast of my Converse high-tops…so typical.

New York City

Scans By: Photovision Prints | Travel Buddy: The Well Styled Life

Teal and I recently traveled to New York City. While there, although for just a few days we tried to fit in as many things as possible! We also started a few series that we are excited to continue on future trips! Doors of Manhattan & Dogs of Manhattan. We found some rather peculiar looking doors and some super cute and hilarious dogs! We got up at sunrise to catch the Brooklyn Bridge without people, we booked our spot and fought the crowds at the Top of The Rock for Sunset views. We walked well over 30,000 steps almost every single day. We walked through most of Manhattan. All the way from Chelsey to Central Park, to the Upper East & West Sides. And all the way down to Battery Park. While some things were exactly as I expected, others were very different. Wall Street was nice, but WAY shorter than I thought it would be! The Statue of Liberty was far smaller than I thought it would be too! I did absolutely love walking through the Upper East Side & The Upper West Side. I loved the architecture of the brownstones, they were quite spectacular! We visited the 9/11 memorial and saw the new Freedom Tower up close. The memorial is a beautiful space, and the new building is stunning! Although I found it a bit odd that flight paths haven't been changed and planes fly right over it still. China town was the coolest part of Manhattan, we found the best and most unique trinkets and souvenirs there. Times Square was dirty beyond belief. We saw rats there, which was actually kind of fun and unexpected! I can't wait to visit again to finish up our series of Dogs & Doors of Manhattan & photograph more amazing couples!