A few words from Brittany about our stay in Chianti:
We had such an interesting visit in Chianti, mainly because of this place we stayed…yes we stayed on this estate! From the photos I realize it looks very grand and luxurious, but there was definitely more to it than that! Our AirBnB (you heard that right, this was listed on AirBnB) was actually a winery! Before that it was…a monastery! We stayed in a house that used to be the Bakers quarters, complete with a massive open oven for baking bread.
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Tuscany Follonico

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If you caught the first part of this post, you’ve seen the beautiful Bed & Breakfast we stayed at in Tuscany. During our stay we took so many photos that I had to break it up into a few different posts. This one is all about the food…Our stay at Follonico was not only picturesque but full of seasonal, homemade, organic food as well. As someone who has worked for many small businesses in the past, their provision of locally sourced ingredients was not a detail lost on me. Breakfast included freshly made sourdough, organic fruits and greens from their own orchards, and eggs from free-range chicken and ducks. If I could eat like that everyday, I’d be in heaven! During our stay we were eager to capture some of the foods that were prepared for us. Needless to say, we were more distracted with eating it instead! The lovely owners did prepare a small picnic spread for us to enjoy with various meats and cheeses. Even though the rain foiled our plans of an outdoor picnic, we made good use of the cozy common room! Add the perfect local red, and we were set!

Follonico Tuscany

A few words from Brittany of Life Set Sail about our trip to Follonico.
Back in April Cody and I went on an epic European adventure with Justine and her husband, Alan. We met up in Greece and then made our way through Italy, exploring Venice, Milan, and Tuscany to name a few…Our favourite stay was at Follonico, a country house B&B built on a vineyard, in the most beautiful valley of Southern Tuscany. The slow paced living was a welcome change from from our days spent rushing from town to town trying to pack as much as we could into one day.
Upon first arriving we were all quite floored at the beauty surrounding us…the picture perfect stone house, the vines of roses covering stairwells to the suites, geese roaming around freely, the rolling hills that surround the property (along with the vineyard of course). It was like taking a leap back in time, a much more simpler time where life is lived with intention and disconnect from the technologies that surround us today.
The beauty of this property inspired us to do things we don’t always take the time to…Cody spent hours reading one afternoon, perfectly placed in a chair overlooking the property and surrounding area. I joined him with a glass of red and sat quietly sipping away, just taking in the view – which was absolutely breathtaking.
Along with everything being so visually pleasing around us was a true feeling of romance…being surrounding by so much natural beauty, it’s nearly impossible to not to feel something. Even though we were travelling with another couple, there was so much space between us (Follonico only offers four suites), that Cody and I felt very much to ourselves the entire stay.
The experience was magical and truly one of a kind…and I haven’t even touched on the food yet (coming in part two)! I would go back in a heartbeat. View more property photos and check out the specs for Follonico on The Perfect Hideaway.

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