Spotlight: Eliza Faulkner With Life Set Sail

A few words from Brittany: Through the past couple of years I’ve spent blogging and documenting my outfits, I’ve been introduced to some pretty amazing Canadian talent on the designer scene. I’ve written a little bit about them here and there, but I really feel the pull to place more attention on these talented individuals here on LSS. So without further ado, let me have the pleasure of introducing you to Eliza Faulkner
I first discovered Eliza through a local fashion show we hold here in Calgary called PARK, her bold floral prints and unique silhouettes stood out to me immediately…I think maybe since my mom went to design school, it made me really appreciate what Eliza was doing. Her seams and pleats were (and are still) absolutely swoon-worthy.
So you can imagine my delight to take her Nora dress with me to New York in January. There’s something about it that makes me feel like a modern day (way cooler) Cinderella.

Life Set Sail in Times Square

Blogger: Brittany Messner of Life Set Sail | Dress: Adorn Boutique | Film Scans: Canadian Film Lab

A few words from Brittany Messner:
There are certain shoots I look back on and just have to laugh…this is one of them. That night in Times Square our light broke, we forgot the memory card for our digital camera and we only shot about ten photos on the film camera. If you take a lot of your own photos or work with someone who does it for you, you can imagine how stressful this was for us!
Times Square is bright (duh), and there is light coming from literally every direction, so we were a little uncertain of how these photos would turn out…the funny thing is that they ended up being my favourite from the whole trip! I love working in uncertainty, experimenting is seriously the most fun and interesting thing you can do with your art, right? Sometimes you just need to chill and let what happens happen.
Lighting aside, I am totally obsessed with this ASTR dress from Adorn! I thought the sequin design would be perfect for Times Square and (in true Brittany style) I loved the boyish contrast of my Converse high-tops…so typical.

Life Set Sail With Extensions

A few words from Brittany Messner of Life Set Sail: Did I ever think I was the type of person to get hair extensions? No. Well, here I am…one of the many girls with extensions, turns out I had a pretty skewed idea of what they could be and now that I have them, sold. Now just over a month in, I wanted to share my experience with you!
The lovely Vanessa at Hedkandi Salon has been doing my hair for about two years now. I remember the very first time I went to see her and she told me that she had extensions, which really took me by surprise because she had the cutest lob cut and honestly looking at it I would’ve never guessed that there were some extra pieces hiding in there! I was intrigued, that applied correctly, extensions could simply assist your hair in looking fuller…they didn’t have to be a mile long and look so obviously fake! My mind was blown.
As someone with very fine hair herself, I’m always looking for ways to make it look fuller with styling products, but there’s really only so much a girl can do! So this year, before Justine and I headed out to New York, I got Vanessa to apply some extensions for me…and I kind of (really) love the result! I’m not gonna lie, it felt kind of odd the first couple of days before I washed my hair (think about how your head feels when you’ve been wearing a ponytail all day). But after I washed it that feeling went away completely…like I cannot feel them at all unless I’m running my hands through my hair. Amazing!

As for care and upkeep, there’s actually not much to it. The only rules are that you don’t condition your roots (who does this anyway, really?) so that the bonds don’t loosen and don’t use heat tools (blowdryer is fine) at the base of your extensions (again, not an issue for me). Vanessa sent me home with a small brush to keep in my bag that I whip out anytime I see some separation in my hair (it happens, it’s not a big deal) and the special teeth allow me to run the brush straight from root to tip without catching on the bonds…

So what are the bonds made of exactly? It’s basically a keratin protein polymer, and don’t worry, no, it does not damage your hair. I’ll have to keep you updated on the removal part (they use a solution of alcohol and oils), but these babies usually last 3-4 months so we’ll see how long I keep them in before that point!
Overall I am thrilled with my extensions! I had two bundles applied (mermaid hair girls probably have about 4). Vanessa used Great Lengths to fill in some of my sparser parts (mostly on the sides) and put a few through the back to add a little length (about two inches longer than my natural hair).

So far the only downside about getting these type of extensions is the cost (it’s not cheap), but if it’s been something you’ve been considering for a while and are afraid to take the plunge, don’t be! They are seriously wonderful.

Thank you so much to Hedkandi and Vanessa for always taking care of my hair needs and helping me get camera ready! If you’re a YYC local and haven’t yet visited one of our Hedkandi locations, be sure to use me as a referral (Life, Set Sail) and you’ll get $20 off your first visit!

Life Set Sail at The Met

A few words from Brittany Messner of Life Set Sail: Museums are interesting places…think about all of the people who’s lives are contained within the same walls, their history laid out for all to see and dissect. Now think about just one person, yourself even, and how much has happened in your short life. We all have history lying within us, history we can no longer touch but lives on forever in our memories.
Do you ever think of these things? About how you are such a small fraction of the world? How can one person with so many thoughts and feelings be so insignificant? We think we are the world, that the things going on in our lives are important, but really there are millions just like us. Does that make us less valid? Of course not, but it is a bit overwhelming to think about!
I want to make my life a work of art. I’ve always felt that way; to make things beautiful, to inspire others to follow whatever it is that makes their hearts sing, to love unconditionally, to embrace all chapters of life, to learn, to create…these are the things I live for. I hope that one day what I do encourages someone to embrace their full potential, to not settle for what is popular, but for what makes them whole.