San Marco Square

When you go to Venice you have to do some touristy things, I remember my first trip there probably around 15 years ago, and I distinctly remember feeding the pigeons. Brittany, however, is terrified of birds, so this was quite the adventure for her. While taking a few shots at sunrise in the square I was being a total pageant mom, the second that bird landed on her head I could see the look of sheer terror in her eyes and I just started coaching her to “smile, smize, look over there, etc” she just nervously laughed the whole time but it was an adventure none of us will forget!

An Afternoon In Milan

A few words from Brittany about our short stop in Milan:
As I type out the title for the post I think, how tragic! To travel all the way to Italy and only spend an afternoon in Milan…it just doesn’t sound right does it? To think of the things we could have seen, the places to visit, the clothes to buy! Sigh. That’s the thing about Europe, there are way too many places to see and absolutely no way to see everything in a single trip (more realistically I’d imagine that taking years).

Anyway, the reason we even saw Milan at all was because we flew there from Mykonos and made a pit-stop as we drove down to Venice…even though we saw a very small part of the city, I’m so glad I got to see as much as I did because it was absolutely breathtaking! Of course with the small window of time we had, we decided to take in the views at the Duomo di Milano…because you don’t go to Europe and not spend vast amounts of time in cathedrals! Dedicated to St Mary, the Milan cathedral is the third largest church in the world.

When we entered the Basilica, mass was well underway and we got to hear a bit of the (Italian) sermon before we explored other areas of the cathedral. I can’t believe that people are still welcome to go to church there, with the tourists wandering about and everything…it’s so odd to me that something so historical and immaculate is still used for it’s original intent, but I love that it is!
Though the church itself was beautiful in its own way, the real show was the views from the roof! In fact, if you ever visit Milan and want to see the cathedral, I’d skip the church all together and get right into the lineup for the rooftop. Oh the stairs you will climb, but it sure is worth the view!

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