A few words from Brittany...

It’s no secret that Justine and I love photographing swimwear – you know how there are shoe people? Well I’ve always been a swimwear person…fun fact, back in the day my mom used to pay me in bikinis for modelling for her shop!

This Gooseberry suit is probably the sexiest one-piece I have ever worn, (find it here), but the best part about these photos is what isn’t captured…aka the fifty (no exaggeration) tourists hiking around us in full gear. I felt absolutely naked. I literally stood there by myself with dozens of hikers (and their dogs) making their way past me until all was clear and then Justine would maybe have 5 seconds to take one shot. This is where I really got to practice my poker face (because my insides were turning at all of the stares). But, if you’re a blogger I’m sure you know, you have to get over the fact that people will stare and point (and laugh) at you occasionally and the only saving grace is that you will NEVER see these people again!

To add to the difficulty of these shoot, we had to climb over a huge log jam to get to this area – it was probably a solid twenty minutes of climbing over slippery logs. Poor Justine fell (with her camera gear) a good seven feet between some logs, landing straight on rock and fracturing her tailbone. I should probably just rename this post as the shoot that almost killed Justine.

We’ve definitely done some weird and questionable stuff for photos in the past, but I think this one takes the cake for most difficult! What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for photos?

Life Set Sail in Williamsburg

A few words from Brittany Messner of Life Set Sail: Here they are, the very first of our New York photos! It wasn’t the warmest of stays where the weather was concerned, but our quiet little B&B in Williamsburg made for such a peaceful stay that we didn’t mind one bit!
There’s something about mornings, no matter where you are, that set the tone for the whole day. For me, I like to take things reaaaaaal slow, enjoy a cup of black coffee, and not think about too much. I love the quiet sounds of people starting to get up and move around, of cars driving on wet pavement, and even the occasional shout of mothers yelling at their children.
To simply feel everything that a morning is, well that is one of my favourite things in the whole world. I love opening the windows and letting the crisp air come billowing in…even if it’s maybe a tad too chilly, with a hot cup in hand and a cozy sweater, there’s not much better. The ritual of a morning routine is such an important one and I feel so fortunate to be able to take the time to really embrace the stillness before I get on with my day.